Airborne shot out of the sky

Sorry I haven’t been keeping up this blog for those of you who might be subscribed. Every so often I feel the need to speak out in the hopes that someone might hear me.

This made me say “Yea!”. From the first I heard of Airborne, and other things like Cold-eeze, Zicam and the like, the warning bells rang loudly. If it sounds too good to be true…

I hate herbal remedies. Not because they don’t work but because too many people think that “herbal” is better. Herbal is herbal, that’s it; usefullness or betterness is not implied. People will think “natural” is better. Well, if herbal and natural remedies were so great for everything, why did we have to develop western medicinal drugs? Put simply, herbal remedies may not hurt you. (And that’s a big “may”, because they just might.) But, you waste lots of money for nothing. Sure, I enjoy my herbal tea and have been occasionally fond of pick-me-up drinks, but I don’t expect miracles from them. That is, I don’t expect them to cure the common cold or really give me wings.

Here’s a revelation for those of you who say “It works for me! I haven’t been sick at all!”: I have daily contact with children in day care and elementary school and work in a large office building. I have not had one major illness this year. I had one minor bout of sniffles lasting about 5 days but it was not too disruptive. My system fought off the onset of some achyness within a day several times since last fall without the aid of any magic concoction. Therefore, I can honestly say I haven’t been sick much this past season at all. I attribute this to three things – 1.) I get regular sleep. When I feel poor, I try for even more. 2.) I don’t eat much junky food. One treat a day and fast food makes me feel rather yucky. 3.) I use saline nose spray to keep me from getting recurrent sinus infections.

I will bet you will find plenty of doctors who say my solutions are tremendously safe and very effective. You won’t find that for poor Airborne. I snigger at those who swear by this stuff. Then, I wish that there was a way to really help you understand that anecdotes are not science. It’s kind of depressing how in these modern times, misinformation and misunderstanding still is so prevalent.

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