Reasons to love evolution

Evolution explains the way things are. There is no God at work there, things happen according to natural rules (policy and general guidance). It’s a beautiful thing. Nature is the designer. Don’t be afraid to embrace Natural Design. Here’s why it’s OK to love evolution.

  1. Scientists are cool, crazy evangelicals are not.
  2. You will piss off crazy evangelicals (cool).
  3. You have a better chance of getting a good paying job (because you will automatically be smarter than the average person).
  4. A stylized fish with legs and a wrench is cute on your car.
  5. You will understand your doctor when he gives you health information.
  6. Change through time explains a lot about life.
  7. The zoo and natural history museums become tremendously more interesting.
  8. You won’t drive yourself crazy trying to figure out why God created parasites.
  9. You will have a small appreciation for even the worst things in life – like kudzu, MRSA and influenza pandemics.
  10. You can appreciate what is really important in selecting a “mate”.
  11. It’s not hip to be dumb and ignorant, for example – see George W. Bush.
  12. You view life as one big, interconnected web, through time, in which we are all related.
  13. Accepting things the way they are is a lot less stressful than living a lie.

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