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That creepy picture of JesusJayZombie is freaking me out so I needed a post to bump it down.

I should be reading some papers for school but I’m not. They are BOR-ING. Why is academic writing so boring? I can read some long-haired stuff but, man, this crap puts me to sleep. hanging ghost globes

I’m in the process of starting yet another blog. But, it’s not very bloggy just yet. I am constructing a web site for kids (middle readers) about monsters and spooky stuff. I would have loved the Internet as a kid. Books were my only source of monster and ghost tales but the web provides endless pages and forums related to ghost hunting and cryptozoology. Yet, most of it is credulous and misleading. It took me 7 pages into Google to get a skeptical POV for “ghost”, Bob Carroll’s Skeptic Dictionary. How many kids are going to go 7 pages in? No way, they’ll be distracted by TAPS right off the first page.

How about “Is Bigfoot Real?” On page 3, there is an “.edu” site that attempts to answer the question by linking to the Unmuseum site – a skeptical, rational location. Yet, the prof there adds “take it with a grain of salt”. Umm, take what? Lee Krystek’s great info or the legend itself. Hard to tell. Kids won’t pick up that nuance. Prior to that, there are lots of “answer” sites that rehash the same old stuff I read when I was 10. The answer is still “we don’t know, but some people think it’s real”. Yah, that’s not good enough considering it has been decades and no outstanding evidence has surfaced. And we still dispute the Patterson Gimlin film.


I hope I can provide kids with a fresher perspective than that. We’ll see.

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