Being the reasonable adult in 2012

Will the world end on December 21, 2012?

No. No. NO. A thousand times NO.

I find myself frustrated with those who would even entertain the truth of such a thing. Seriously, it does not take much to figure out that this is just nonsensical ravings that the media has taken to new heights of pervasiveness.


This happens so frequently. Yet, I’m even sadder that I have to listen to this for another 3 years. I worry that the 3 years will allow for more people or certain unstable people to really internalize this idea and take drastic action against themselves, their family or the larger community.

For the astronomical reasons why 2012 is insignificant, see here

Now, I step back, take a breath and try to understand the other POV.

It’s hard not to see a world in chaos, right now. I see it. It’s tough to look it. It’s hard to get up most mornings. What happens to people as the climate changes? What if the flu bug mutates and threatens to kill us all? What if the U.S. dollar becomes meaningless? What if Sarah Palin becomes a nationally elected leader? (Shudders) Eww. I feel sick. I have little control over these things. I WANT to run away to some obscure place and disappear but that’s not feasible. Plus, I doubt that running away will help me feel better. I live in the world of today. I use the technology. I move in modern circles. I can’t entirely pull up and leave that. I must face reality of a changing world.

I’m pretty OK about resigning myself to “Shit happens”. I’ll just live my life and hope for the best. When we die, we die. I have no control over that. Why worry? But, some people can not accept the “Meh”.

They want two things: certainty and distraction. They want guarantees that things will happen at certain times, the way they expect them to. It’s a nice sense of control. But it’s false. Over our history, there have been countless predictions of the end of the world, the second coming, alien invasions, global catastrophe, etc. Still waiting. If the past is the key to the present, then, all these doomsayers should just shut up because they are wrong.

These apocalyptic scenarios are handy distraction from the rest of the world’s events. I suspect that is primarily the cause for the 2012 popularity. It is a convenient (if not pleasant) thought that we do not have to worry about global economic, climate change, running out of oil, overpopulation, pandemic and all those things if the world is GOING TO END!

Yeah…No. That’s a juvenile way of thinking about it. I chose to be the adult here and base my judgements on reason.

There is NO reason to think that the world will end in 2012. Now, stop worrying and enjoy your life.

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