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I enjoy looking at why people see, talk about, do and believe the things they do. I like the idea of the paranormal – it’s fascinating. But, I don’t believe just because I want it to be true. Here are a collection of some of the most popular articles on this site:

Unexplained Blobjects : An examination of why blurry photos are worthless as evidence.

Whispers from the Earth: A series of articles about anomalies related to earthquake precursors and how this might lead to new knowledge if scientific processes can be used to investigate them.

Sham Inquiry : A whole section on looking “sciencey” but not being scientific at all.

Views on cryptozoology: why it is not a science and has low quality evidence.

Anecdotes:  Stories people tell should be the arrows towards scientific inquiry, not the foundation of it.

Views on ghosts and ghost hunters: Why what they do is not scientific at all.

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