Off the cuff rant: Kombucha

Eww eww eww. Why does this Kombucha stuff remind me of the bacterial soup that occurs when you leave tea sitting out in the sun for too long? Oh. Because it is. It’s tea gone off.

I know that we potentially lack good bacteria in our system because we kill off too many and live in a very sterile society. But, why would you chose to drink something that sounds REALLY unhealthy and has not been show to do much good but may do harm? First, with people passing around a “starter” bacterial colony, how does it not get contaminating with other bacteria? Also, how do you know this stuff is not toxic? Is someone culturing and identifying the species every so often so you can be assured you aren’t drinking fecal coliform? Can our bodies handle a big dose of bacteria?

A HUGE red flag is the marketing. The above article notes it is an elixir for digestion, cancer and hair loss. It’s also noted to improve liver function and stimulate the immune system. One substance can’t do all that. To claim such is a hallmark of snake oil salesmen.

There has not been a human trial to test this stuff. Would you take a drug that has not been thoroughly tested on people? I wouldn’t. I also wouldn’t drink from the roadside mountain spring (don’t you know raccoons poop in it?), but lots of people do because it’s “natural”. Go eat some dirt (or worse). It’s natural, too. So is radon and tobacco, being infested with parasites and getting malaria. All natural. See how well nature provides for man?

The Mayo Clinic tells you to avoid it.
The CDC notes severe illness has been associated with use of Kombucha. This is not definitive. But, where is the evidence that it does anything good?

I’ve done a quick harms vs benefits assessment at this stage. I’ve decided against Kombucha.

I’m not going to spend a whole lot of time looking at sites advertising this stuff because I’m not going to drink it and I would advise others not to imbibe dirty tea either. At best, it’s worthless. At worst, it can do harm. How about just a balanced diet and exercise? Too boring?

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