Paranormal Investigators here’s your chance!

On occasion, a ghost story that details a tragic death ends with a set date for the paranormal reenactment of the event – a residual haunting. Since I was old enough to think critically about these stories, I wondered why there isn’t a huge gathering of people with cameras and news reporters set up to record and live report from the event.

Here’s another chance for all the paranormal investigators to prepare and document an established residual haunting. Check out this highly amusing and educational cartoon describing the marriage and death of Anne Boleyn, second wife of Henry VIII of England. Watch her rise from the grave carrying her disembodied head. Follow the ghostly carriage drawn by headless horses to her birthplace Blickling Hall Legend says this supernatural journey happens on the anniversary of her death, every May 19. So, get moving ghost hunters! Quick, set up your equipment and record this spectacular event. I’m dying to see it.

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