Hello! My eyes are up here.

We have a ways to go for true parity for women in science and skepticism but it looks like we are pretty far ahead of some other folks…

This week at TAM8 (The Amazing Meeting 8), we had a panel about Women in Skepticism which was full of awesome women and a feminism workshop and presentation about a troublesome media event that were a bit misguided. But, all in all, the conference itself was full of incredibly smart, talented, totally awesome women. I know I got a ton of great info discussing life events of my new girlfriends in the corner booth of the bar one evening. And we became “Ladies who Lunched” one afternoon.

Take a look at this little number that appeared on Cryptomundo a while back. All I can say is WOW – is that creepy or what?! Well, lately, Cryptomundo folks are out begging for more funds. Looks like some folks stepped up to save them because they are back in business it seems.

Visit Shethought.com for Women. Thinking. Critically. It’s the 21st century people. Let’s get with it…

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