Sounds Sciencey is now UP

I just got a new spot on the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (formerly CSICOP) web page. It’s a column called “Sounds Sciencey” Unmasking “scientifical” claims, sham inquiry, and science imposters in popular culture.

Come on over and see my first post, a long one, about being sciencey and “scientifical”

“Scientific”: It’s just a catchphrase!

I’m really excited about it.

Also exciting is the success of the Doubtful News site. It’s a lot of work but I get a feel for the way the media covers these stories and how the reader OUGHT to be wary and critique them. We’ve also had some personalities themselves visit and provide comments. I try to moderate pretty tightly but discussion is encouraged.

It’s a really busy time but I’m enjoying it. Thanks for visiting.

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