Bad pharma and research bias: A talk by Ben Goldacre

Today, I’d like recommend a TED talk by Dr. Ben Goldacre. His book Bad Science is one that I consider a must for every skeptic’s library and should be a must read for any student of science.

Ben has a new book out in the UK (the US edition is scheduled for later in 2013) called Bad Pharma.

In this talk, he describes precognition research by Daryl Bem‘s and then focuses primarily on academic medicine and publication bias.

Doctors are being mislead through publication bias. He considers the collective problem a devastating form of research misconduct.

Positive findings are around twice as likely to be published as negative findings. This is a cancer at the core of evidence-based medicine.” (Ben Goldacre)

Here is the video
Ben Goldacre: What doctors don’t know about the drugs they prescribe

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