Half-baked dragons and truthery

Last night on Virtual Skeptics… of course we had robots. Now they are attacking animals and making rats really depressed. Best quote came from an audience member who said the best way to make a rat depressed is to send him to grad school. Win.

Bob talked about the defacing of the Delacroix painting by a 9/11 truther.

Eve told us the story about historic dragons and the latest dragon debunking.

I talked about the shiny thing on Mars. I was not satisfied with the official explanation, mind you.

Tim told us about the push to license naturopaths, the great things about Lanyrd, and other skeptical online stuff.

Then we dove a little into the Bigfoot news of the day. You can see the show notes here and the show is embedded below. There are many visuals in this one include cute things and a Bigfoot sighting (watch for the cheezy Bigfoot appearance at the very end).

So, yesterday was a busy day over at Doubtful News with the Melba Ketchum paper and website release. I have written a history of the Ketchum project which will be appearing in a skeptical magazine in the next month or two. I now have to revise it to add this new twist. But I have to say, I’m very relieved this is out. She has been making a huge claim and needed to deliver. There it is. I’m sure more will come out of this but do I think it’s going to change many peoples’ minds about Bigfoot. No. Those who believed before (on little evidence) will continue to do so citing this as more evidence. Those who are not convinced by the evidence before will not yet be convinced by this. More must be done. It’s not the paper to hang your hat on. But stay tuned.

Here is my piece at DN that got considerable traffic yesterday: Ketchum Bigfoot DNA paper released

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