It’s true, it’s conspiracy week and I’m behind it

Busy, crappy week. I’m trying to stay alive by fighting the infectious beasties inside me. And, trying to keep my head together with all the childish skeptic bashing that goes on as well. If people like to group me in with the stereotype “mean old skeptics”, whatever. It’s wrong. I’ve listened to a lot of paranormalists talk about skeptics and admitted that some of their claims were valid. But when I point out that NOT ALL ARE and that you should quit generalizing about it, I’d expect that to be taken seriously by reasonable people. Hey, it’s more fun to be gonzo and on the edge and goofball so I’m the downer at the party when I point out that this “mystery” is solved.

My goals are different.  Taking out the trash… Lots of people actually do appreciate that. I’ve been around a while and don’t plan on going anywhere soon. I’m still learning so much.

And who said skeptics are no fun? It’s just my luck that the You Tube screen cap aften catches me making a silly face for the thumbnail for Virtual Skeptics.

So, we had a fun episode #29. Brian talked about the mystery drone in NYC. Bob was stellar in implicating me in a gigantic conspiracy theory. (This was SO friggin’ awesome!!!) Eve is in the Bible, did you know that? So, she knows of what she speaks. I discuss how sinkholes are like sharks and Tim gives us some good news and some bad news about critical thinking on the internet.

If you missed the live broadcast of Virtual Skeptics, we have preserved it for you here.

Thanks (I think) to SnowWalkerPrime of Bigfoot ranting fame who included a clip of last weeks Virtual Skeptics in his new Melba Ketchum rant. We’re now pals.

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