I probably should rest my wrist but never without interesting stuff to write about

Having some typing issues these days.

Carpal tunnel syndrome. And here I am typing. Perhaps I have overworked a bit. I can’t help it.

So, I might be laying off the social media a bit. For that reason, and because I’ve gotten the sense that the general “skeptic” community (North America) is off the rails. Excepting the group of people with whom I regularly communicate, there is a DISTINCT LACK of cooperation among others. In fact, one could say it’s dysfunctional. With notable exceptions, very few people support each others’ work, even if that means a simple retweet or facebook share. Or, they are overly supportive of friends, not giving credit for merit and not appreciative of others efforts. That is a very bad place to be.

But I’d like to mention one positive note which comes from the paranormal community. Check out this post on Mysterious Universe where the Media Guide to Skepticism was mentioned in a positive light. That feels like an accomplishment to me and I’m very grateful for the chance to visit new areas and be introduced to new audiences. Maybe I can undo at least a little of the poor reputation skeptics have in the paranormal community. I appreciate those who give me a chance.

I’m attempting to reach a new audience with a trial in a new spot if it gets published. And I’ll have a piece on Ketchum’s Bigfoot project in Skeptical Briefs (comprehensive) and Skeptical Inquirer (news report). There are never a lack of projects or things to write about.

Also, I’ve gotten a few requests for book reviews. I’ve done one waiting to be published or lost in an editor’s email box. And another in the works.

Right now I’m working on talks for NECSS in April, TAM in July, my regular Sounds Sciencey column and Doubtful News, everyday, of course. Doubtful News is in consideration for an Ockham award given by the U.K. The Skeptic magazine.

This weekend, I’ll be at Phenomenology paranormal conference in Gettysburg. Just observing and writing. Should be fun.

Take a break from typing? No way.

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