PA House Bill 612 on licensing naturopaths: Opposition fail

It’s critical to speak out on legislative issues. Just a dozen or so well crafted letters or phone calls to your representative show that there is interest in the public constituency on an issue.

PA House Bill 612 is proposed to license naturopaths in PA. There is an excellent post on Science-based Medicine that explains why this is a bad idea.

I wrote to my local Representative and copied in the bill sponsor, Mustio.


But it’s too late. I IMMEDIATELY got this reply from Mustio:

Dear Sharon Hill,

Thank you for your email. The bill will be amended tomorrow and pass overwelmingly. 



Why did physician groups not object to this? Was there not enough/no counterview?

Please do your part. NO ONE else will.

It appears we have to live with this piece of crap legislation and that is a shame for the health of citizens in PA.

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