Doubt and About for last week in May

Geez, it’s summer and my calendar is jam packed. I just got back from a FANTASTIC trip to L.A. to do a presentation for the JREF which will be on YouTube as outreach in a few weeks.

But my NECSS talk “Sounds Sciencey” has now appeared on YouTube. Check it out and see what you think. I have to rewatch it. I’ve gotten some feedback from the skeptic side. Not sure how it will play with the paranormal crowd. Please note that your talks are tailored to the audience you are speaking to. Therefore, each one will be somewhat different depending on that focus. When it goes out to the internet, it plays differently and the reaction will, subsequently be different. It’s important to keep this in mind if you don’t want to come off badly to one audience or another. But my job was to speak to the NECSS (science/skeptical) crowd.

I had a new post up on Huffington Post: Open Up Your Mind and Let Your Brain Shut Off

This got tons of good reactions from people who feel like they wanted to say this for years but couldn’t quite figure out how to bring it up. The working title for this was pet peeve. So many people call skeptics closed-minded and they completely misunderstand the concept. Skeptics often do their homework. We have been to both sides. I think this gets the point across:

If you refuse to admit you might be wrong — rejecting the evidence and the plausible alternatives in order to hold on to a cherished belief — and nothing can convince you otherwise… then who’s the closed-minded one?

I have a new post up on the Sounds Sciencey column: Supernatural Creep: The Slippery Slope to Unfalsifiability This one has been ruminating with me for a while. It was important to bring it out and give it a name. It also got widespread attention from the skeptic and paranormal crowd alike. And, curiously enough, it was ignored by many of the paranormal folks who refuse to read the skeptical literature (or did read it and have nothing to say about it) because I did send it to some of the people mentioned in it and got no response. Whatev…

Researchers of unexplained events may get frustrated and disenchanted with the scientific process when the eyewitness accounts they collect are too weird to explain via conventional means. They go unconventional.

I was happy with the way it turned out.

I guess I forgot to post last week’s Virtual Skeptics broadcast. It was a good one! We talked about fluoridation, Mermaids, lie detectors and the usual tech goodness. AND we had an epic FACEPALM moment.

Virtual Skeptics was nominated for a 2013 Parsec Award!!! That just floors me. Now I feel pressure to perform. I’m not going to Dragon*Con this year but at least one of us will be there. Seriously, it is just a jolt to be nominated and get some extra attention for our little show. Thanks to whomever did the nominating!

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