Doubt and About – Fall 2013

Last Doubt and About was the end of August. Things ramped back up in September as I returned to Virtual Skeptics and got some book reviews and other writing out there. Book Reviews were for American Gypsy and In the Name of God (soon to be released). More book reviews are on the way.

People just send me books to review. I love that. But I don’t have unlimited time so I like to stick with subject areas I really like. ALL cryptozoology books are welcome. Drop me a line and I will send you a mailing address.

A new piece I did for my column Sounds Sciencey was fun thanks to the help I got from a wide network of friends. Check it out here:  Ghost Meters: I Can Name that Ghost in 5 Milligauss. I didn’t give a glowing review to EMF meters or ANY equipment to detect ghosts. My recommendation is for ghost hunters to change their procedures:

This research into electromagnetic anomalies reminded me of a field experiment for a geology class where we measured magnetic and gravity anomalies across a mile stretch of road. We thought the cows made the magnetometer spike! There were anomalies all right but it took some probing to figure out this was perfectly natural and explainable due to the rock types below and power lines above. I’m not saying paranormal investigators should give up the EMF research, I’m saying it’s time to pause and be more reasonable about this. It’s time for paranormal investigators to rely less on paranormal default explanation and employ some critical thinking to their work. Otherwise, we just have silly lights and beeping that signal people playing pretend scientist.

My report on the Ketchum project and Bigfoot DNA is online now. Just in time for a new surge of Bigfoot interest.  The Ketchum Project: What to Believe about Bigfoot DNA ‘Science’ is the most complete chronicle of the project that’s been written as far as I know. It’s got quite a history. The media don’t seem to care much about that or the fact that the latest Bigfoot “evidence” is horrendously poor. I wrote this up for Huffington Post hoping to get attention because it sure seems people are blind when a fun belief is involved: Bigsuit and Bigroot: Not Bigfoot

I visited Strange Frequencies Radio to talk about exactly this. Take a listen: Blobsquatch Blitzkrieg!

I will be on Binnall of America LIVE this week (Tuesday night). We are going to chat about a whole slew of interesting things as usual.

Also on the future schedule is a talk about Doubtful News on November 9 for the National Capital Area Skeptics (NCAS). That will be at the National Science Foundation building in Arlington, VA.

In my “spare time”, I’m also taking a course on vaccines taught by Dr. Paul Offit through the Coursera free education site. It’s so useful. I’ve learned a lot. I recommend it.

Finally, I chatted with Joe Rogan on Twitter and in a fortuitous outcome, he invited me on to his podcast. But I have to get to Los Angeles to do it. I’d like to set up a few things to do when there, other interviews or talks. So, I’m open to suggestions, LA friends! Hope to be on the left coast again soon.

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