Friday Doubt and About: Cut the crap

I’d like to touch on a few points this week, really quickly…

It’s clear that those who continue to refer to me as dismissive and a “scoftic” are not actually paying attention but are ironically just being dismissive scoftics. That’s incredibly closed minded. You look foolish calling people “skeptards” and such. If you don’t get the value of critical thinking in life then you are in for either temporary bliss due to ignorance until it bites you in the ass or real trouble sooner rather than later. Life is short and it’s all you got. Choose wisely who you follow and goals you wish to pursue.

I will assume you are a good person with good intentions by default. Please don’t try to pull a fast one. If you wish to associate in a worthwhile way, I’m all for it. Some groups and people clearly are not. I will not “be nice” to them anymore since they are not returning the courtesy. I hold out hope that will change. But I’m not naive.

Some people and groups are courageous enough to step away from the stereotype of the ARIG and to be open to advice and constructive criticism. That is really awesome. I’m very happy to give credit to even-handed and well-intentioned research groups, websites and writers who show thoughtfulness and diligence as well as respect to others. There are a few. Just as I appreciate their efforts to engage with me, an apparent “outsider”, I appreciate their efforts to NOT be the generalized awful paranormal research group or Bigfoot trackers. I wish them all the best in their search for answers and am happy to help if I can.

Once again, I’ll state that I have some experience with research methodology and scientific protocols and best practices. So those who are telling me I don’t know what I’m talking about when it comes to ghosts and Bigfoot are missing the point. I’m talking about your evidence, research methodology and practices in terms of how you portray yourself to the public. Frankly, if that pisses you off, I think that you KNOW it’s a sore spot and are happy to just shut me up rather than do the work to address that. My intentions are to provide a rational view of paranormal topics. They are more complicated and interesting than the average person would guess. I don’t want the public to have a skewed view of the topic and fool themselves. So, I try to express the rest of the story. If you don’t like my stuff, don’t read it. Go about your business enjoying what you do and believe what you want to believe. But examining your own assumptions is something I do every day and try to get others to do too. Do you?

Stop telling me I need to sit in the woods and have a personal experience. Anyone can go have a personal experience. I can go to church to have a religious conversion or a New Age spot to become one with the universe. But, IT’S PERSONAL, it means nothing to the rest of humanity and it does not mean that what I experienced is what actually happened. I can evaluate scientific evidence just fine from here. Let me know when you have something worthwhile to share besides stories. And besides, there are bears in the woods. Bears scare the hell out of me.

Also, if you post disgusting, sexist comments about me, or call me names, a few things to think about: I am a person – a wife, a daughter, a mother and a friend. I’ve said nothing personally degrading to you. Would you say those things to my face? You probably wouldn’t because I think you are afraid of where I would kick you. So, stop it. Go do something positive.

Finally, I’ll probably not be participating in forums and groups very much except for ones where I’ve long been a member. I don’t have time to properly address stuff as it deserves to be addressed and I feel bad just leaving a short response. I need to focus on some bigger projects and those things can be a time sucker. But feel free to drop me messages, within reason. Thanks for those who have messaged me and ESPECIALLY those who have stated support for me in public and tried to defend my position in those dark places on the web that I don’t see. That means more than I can say.

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