Doubt and About: The silver lining

The past week was weird!

I have no idea why Deepak Chopra found it necessary to tweet back at me (apparently he has a very thin skin for criticism and nothing better to do than refresh his twitter page). I wasn’t really talking to him, I was praising a brilliant example of exposing pseudoscience. Perhaps he just does not like my Twitter account name. Anyway, here is what happened.

The Deepak shoots but doesn’t score « Why Evolution Is True.

Yeah, I got a few Chopralites chiming in that I didn’t “get it” but mostly I got some new followers out of it.

Also got some new followers by being mentioned, along with DoubtfulNews, in a “freethought” [ironic] Jeez and Whine fest. I don’t respond on those pathetic pointless sites that seem to do nothing positive but like to name and shame only when it suits them. I’m not going to give them the attention they want with blog hits and drama. So, I just wanted to say getting pointed out as some “bad guy”, for whatever convoluted reason, still gets me new sets of eyeballs to look at my stuff.

How's that naming and shaming working out?
How’s that naming and shaming working out?

In contrast, I was actually doing lots of productive stuff. I finished more book reviews and am on to more new books. If someone sends me a book to review, I make sure I at least blog about it and mention it to give them a boost. That is, if I think it’s worthwhile. Most of the time, there is plenty of positive to say about new releases even if they’re not perfect. Please check out the Doubtful News book recommendation page. Also, do your holiday shopping at home by clicking the Amazon banner there. Purchases through that link send commissions to Doubtful News. How easy is THAT to help? It’s greatly appreciated.

I was in VICE magazine for a piece on the current state of cryptozoology. The author noticed and liked my online work and even used the term “being scientifical“. I was giddy! Once again, it did not paint an impressive picture of cryptozoologists today but they sure are interesting! Check it out and see why it did not seem to be shared very widely among the paranormal crowd. Hmm.

Speaking of the Bigfoot skeptics, my new Sounds Sciencey is out and is getting a good reception from those open-minded Bigfooters who like considering all angles. I sure do appreciate when I get linked to by those folks. It’s a huge step to be able to “reach across the aisle,” so to speak, and be able to communicate in non-confrontational terms. That’s what I aim for.

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