Doubt and About: Hit the new year running

I’m behind on podcasts, especially long ones. But I’m getting there. I just got a chance to listen to BoA’s interview with Dr. Tyler Kokjohn. Dr. Kokjohn has been a valued online correspondent and shares my values about putting paranormal topics to scientific tests. I was flattered that he noted I was one of the skeptics that believers could communicate with (about 57 min mark).

I was also a guest on BoA [binnall of america : audio] back in February.

It’s not easy to have these discussions. The participants come at it with different points of view, world views, assumptions, understanding, experience, priorities and definitions. It’s just plain hard to make any progress. Take a look at Bigfootery, for example. The actual scholarly researchers find tremendously interesting things but the mainstream ‘footer world is wrapped up with silly YouTube videos and hoax after hoax.

There are few academics that contact me regularly to comment, give me stories or advise. I appreciate that. I don’t think the same occurs with believers.

I’m happy to be contacted by authors and journalists to talk about cryptozoology and paranormal stuff. I think it needs to be talked about in a smart way. Not tabloid style. Regardless if ghosts, aliens or Bigfoot are what the proponents say they are, they are still important aspects to our culture.

I may not be as optimistic as Daniel is here for the skeptical future, but I think I’m in an OK place. Doubtful News is doing very well. I have projects in the works. I wish I could clone myself to work on it full-time to get more out there.

But, it feels like it’s making a difference.

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