Doubt and About: Cusp of Spring 2016

It’s the first day of 2016 that I have the window open. (It’s 57 deg.) Yay! Get behind me Winter.


So here’s the thing…

I’m working on a book the incorporates my thesis work on amateur research and investigation groups (ARIGs). This is so tedious at times. It would have been much easier to start from scratch instead of taking existing content, reworking it for a new audience, filling out the concepts and adding updates. I did find a great software tool for manuscripts – Ulysses. If you write anything on Mac that is longer than a blog post, I suggest investing in this app or one like it. If I had to revise a manuscript of this size in a Word document format, I would have given up.

I don’t have much more to say about it because I remain unconvinced it will be published any time soon. Though, I will swear, that there is no way I will resign this time investment to a null outcome.  As dog is my witness, I WILL publish this damn thing, no matter how.

I previously wrote about taking Doubtful News on hiatus because I had lost motivation for scanning through so much terrible and stupid news to find gems that were worth talking about. Then I started back with longer form posts in January. But the lack of interesting news problem was still there. I was not longer interested in strange sounds from the sky, new and useless sightings of Bigfoot or Yeti, the latest psychic superstar or how you might die from choosing a bogus health treatment. I mean, I’m interested, but not enough to spend considerable time on it. I have a day job that keeps me VERY busy so even keeping up with news is too much of a chore. So, I’m afraid DN will remain in a state of infrequent updates. Please go back and read the last few posts up the the hiatus one and you can get a feel of my current state of ennui.

Every day I find new and fascinating things I’d like to write about but I need to commit to what my writing will be about. I’m simply not inclined to do that right now. That will come in time. I’ve declined a number of podcast interviews because I kind of just don’t feel like talking. I feel like reading, trying to understand, relaxing and spending time thinking a bit more deeply about stuff.

I’ve also thought about consolidating Practical Skepticism and even DN in one place but I don’t know how to do that. DN is a HUGE database of weird news that gets 5K views a day just for existing material from search engines. I’m glad of that. I’d like to do more with that. I think there might be some data to mine for another project or article. If anyone has any ideas, I’d love to hear them. 

Also, I’m considering doing something with the Sound Sciencey theme I built on the CSI site. I proposed producing a book based on this material but they rejected it. It seems too useful to waste so I will use it in some other way in the future.

Any publisher interested? Ping me.

Finally, I just wish to remind readers and online friends that I am independent and not affiliated with any organization (except as Sci-Tech advisor for CFI but that involves basically no participation or has any influence) so I’m afraid I don’t know what goes on with skeptic orgs. I’m thinking independent is the best place to be right now as org need to reformulate and rebuild to stay afloat. If these orgs want some sound advice from an experienced planner, project manager, scientist, and long-suffering skeptic participant, I’m available to help. I suggest you contact me as I’ve offered up help in the past. You’re a wreck, you need it.

I’m off on a new vacation adventure next week so I will remain blissfully ignorant of what’s cooking on Facebook, and in politics and the media. I hope when I return, the spring plants will be popping up and my time in the warm sun will motivate me to be a bit more social and talkative. We shall see.

Please keep in touch [email at paskeptic(at)gmail(dot)com]. Thanks to those who sent thoughtful gifts and support.

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