Depressed? Tune in to some friendly voices

It’s really depressing out there, I know. It’s times like these that I think society’s collective lack of critical thinking skills and sheer ridiculous gullibility is going to do us all in. But we have to keep pushing to not let the power-mad conspiracy bullies win.

The world is not a simple place that can be fixed with empty statements. Complex problems can’t be solved with slogans and platitudes. Yet, about 50% of the public seems to eat this crap right up.


Well, there are a few things you can do. First, ease off the news for now. It’s horrible. It’s mostly fake and stupid. Maybe read just newspaper headlines if you want to stay informed but FOR THE LOVE OF DOG do not read comments or forums. Even Facebook is stinkin’ to the rafters right now with politics and partisanship. Mute or unfollow some people for a few weeks. It won’t hurt.

It’s not wrong to want a little relief from your coworkers, neighbors and even family who think that Hillary is a demon and who think RealTrueNews is a credible source of information.

credibilitystreetlogo-jpg_128x128Come on over to my new podcast for some friendly, rational voices. We’re at 15 Credibility Street. Our second episode is just up. Please take a listen. And give us a good review. Thanks!

As always, I really appreciate those of you who support Doubtful News through sharing links and helping to pay for our server costs. There’s no point in yelling into the void. Someone really does listen, we’re not abandoning all hope.


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