Put down the fries and vodka

baconvodkaI know some people binged on fried foods and ice cream post-election. This article today from Washington Post shows you weren’t alone. But it didn’t really make you feel better. I know I hit the brandy and vodka a bit more at the end of the day than I should have. Sleep, a walk outside, watching a good movie or show, enjoying time with family and pets, getting into some deep thinking over a book all served me better.

The article also hinted at another thing some of us did – resent those who were all sunshiney and happy. I normally have a low tolerance for people who focus on shallow fluff and talk too much about it. But I did find myself deliberately ignoring them with more effort – putting on headphones in chatty places, unfollowing some social feeds. For me, finding quite time with my own thoughts was the most important thing. Maybe quiet and slow is more of what we need this coming year.

Check out this piece in The Atlantic about how ex-presidents live the rest of their lives after leaving the pressures of that job. They had to adjust and refocus on “shifting away from ambition and acquisition and toward activities that have lasting and intrinsic worth, such as investing in important relationships and causes or hobbies that give joy and meaning to one’s life.”

Think about that for the new year.

I’m nearly finished with the heavy lifting on my book. I’ve shut off comments on my blogs. I’ve stopped trying to follow everything and be up-to-date on weird news stories for the blog. I have given up trying to make a very fickle audience happy at every turn. All those are stress releases. I write what I want and about subjects I like. I’m going to talk about interesting things I find and maybe you might be interesting in them too. I’m going to relax with my backlog of books and learn lots of new things. I’m going to stop worrying about the world and our horrible state of leadership. I’m going to pause every now and then to contribute my opinion to lawmakers and do what I can but I will not get enveloped in the drama and fear.

I’m going to continue to seriously limit my intake of fried foods and sugar. And I’m going to ease off the cocktails so I can stay focused and awake longer to digest the content of my books.

Happy new year.

Note: Since the comments are off, please message me on Facebook or Twitter. There’s always email too. I like the email letters and comments I get from people about Bigfoot, ideas to try, links to check out, comments about a visit to the Creation museum, and messages of support. Good stuff. Thanks for sharing.

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