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Hi, everyone. I suspect this may be the first post of several to promote my new book, Scientifical Americans: The Culture of Amateur Paranormal Researchers, releasing in mid-November.

If you like my work in publications, podcasts, and on the web, you will like this book, too. It’s being published by McFarland (softcover). Here’s the summary:

In the 21st century, reality television and the Internet have fed public interest in ghosts, UFOs, cryptozoology and other unusual phenomena. By 2010, roughly 2000 amateur research and investigation groups formed in the U.S.—ghost hunters, Bigfoot chasers and UFO researchers, using an array of (supposedly) scientific equipment and methods to prove the existence of the paranormal.

American culture’s honorific regard for science, coupled with the public’s unfamiliarity with scientific methods, created a niche for self-styled paranormal experts to achieve national renown without scientific training or credentials. The author provides a comprehensive examination of the ideas, missions and methods promoted by these passionate amateurs.

This book built on my Masters’ thesis on the topic of amateur research and investigation groups (ARIGs) and how they use popular ideas about science. They recognize that “sounding sciencey” appeals to the American public, and “being scientifical” is a way to gain credibility with the media and their clients. This work, the only one of its kind, is perfectly readable for the non-scientist, fully referenced and indexed. Hopefully, paranormal investigators will check it out to see that they don’t have to play pretend scientist in order to help people and gather useful information towards a better understanding of paranormal experiences.

You can pre-order the book on Amazon right now here. (Purchasing anything through this Amazon link provides an extra boost to run Doubtful News and 15 Credibility Street podcast. So please use it for all your Holiday shopping too!)

If you would like a signed copy to be mailed directly to you a week or so later, I will happily oblige. But I need to know how many of these orders to plan for. Special orders will be $35 including regular shipping payable via this link on PayPal. (The book is softcover; there is no hardcover available. I do not know the e-book release date.) To pre-order a signed(and personalized) copy that I will mail to you, please provide your name and email address in the comments to this post (these comments will not be made visible), or make a Pay Pal payment with a valid address. I regret I can only mail in the US right now as I can’t calculate the shipping costs for various countries.

This project has been 7 years in the making. I am just amazed I got ‘er done! I really hope you enjoy it! My deepest appreciation goes out to all the site subscribers and supporters over these years. It’s not easy to publish a high-quality book and I’ve had several stumbles along the way, but I think it’s been worth the effort. The Internet is NOT forever – content disappears. Paper is durable!

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