Ghost hunters as populist “experts”

My magnum opus (the initial one, at least), Scientifical Americans, is in the printer’s queue right now. All the heavy lifting is done with the exception of the delivery box that shall soon appear at my door. I hope all of you reading this will do me the honor of purchasing it, if only to support efforts to address science education and appreciation in the English-speaking world.

At its core, that is what that book is about: how people see science and scientists as authorities and how populism has allowed self-styled experts to usurp that authority.

The growth of amateur research and investigation groups (ARIGs) is a reflection of the democratization of expertise spawned by the Internet. The public considers ghost hunters as paranormal EXPERTS. This is directly related to the Jenny McCarthys of the world who think their mommy experience and Google University research is equivalent to genuine learned expertise. It is grown from the same soil as those who deny climate change because they can’t see it happening. It’s generated from the same wave that eventually resulted in the election of a profoundly un-intellectual President who spouts nonsense and lusts after high ratings and big crowds.

Scientifical Americans is not just about the paranormal – it’s about people who are looking for meaning and purpose in their lives because they aren’t satisfied with what they have been given so far.

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