At the crossroads of science and paranormal

I’m currently at the intersection of scientific knowledge and the human perception of the paranormal and mysterious.

Looking around, I notice there aren’t too many people here. How about that.

It’s likely I’ve previously mentioned how my views have swung like a pendulum from left (paranormal) to right (rejection of the paranormal). The extreme left I see as the uncritical believers and paranormal pushers. On the far right live the ignorant scoffers.

I grew up uncritical of the paranormal because I didn’t know any other way. When I learned to apply critical thinking, I swung wildly to the right. Every few years, I swing back towards the other side with a little less momentum and a lot more knowledge. Accruing more and better knowledge from both sides results in a centering and a deeper understanding and acceptance of both sides.

My pendulum now is slightly left of center – in sympathy with the paranormal crowd. Lately, I’ve noticed the “right” end exhibiting narrowness in understanding regarding human experience, perception, and worldviews. That observation, I think, is why I’m at the place I am now. Happily, it’s a state of thinking that gets me invited to Paracon Australia, an honor for which I am very proud.

My other project – Spooky Geology – is another way of existing at that science/paranormal intersection. There is so much to explore here! The purpose of that site is for me to learn about these new phenomena and to frame it in an appealing way to smart readers. It’s a challenge to produce a unique feed for non-specialists and those interested in the paranormal and work some real geological content into that. Doubtful News was successful as a cross-over between those who were interested in a thoughtful approach to weird news, I think Spooky Geo can also hit that sweet spot of intelligent coverage of paranormal themes. We’ll see. For now, it’s still new and fun and I’m very eager to get deeper into it.

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