Ghosts are getting awfully lazy these days

On the lookout for additional examples and extra information to support the ideas I write about in Scientifical Americans, here is another example from the real world of “being scientifical”.

This is what’s considered evidence for paranormal activity these days?

Ghosts are getting really lazy.

This video was publicized by The Mirror (UK), a sensationalist tabloid and notoriously click-baity website.

7 thoughts on “Ghosts are getting awfully lazy these days

  1. I don’t understand, Mirror says K2, Wikipedia tell me pke. Have they changed units since scientifical ghost hunting was first documented? Pls help.


    • Not sure what you’re asking here but ghost hunters use a plethora of different gadgets to “detect” ghosts. There is no one unit.

      • pke was a Ghostbusters reference, the /s indicated I wan’t serious. “The Ghostbusters also use equipment to hunt and find ghosts. The PKE meter is a handheld device that locates and measures psycho-kinetic energy (PKE), which is an environmental byproduct emitted only by ghosts”. It’s a rabbit hole I really don’t want to go down.

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