A Cryptozoo in Your Garden

Gardening is my hobby. Right now, I have lots of daffodils and lots of promise growing green in the garden but I don’t have much shrubbery or trees. If I did have some forest backdrop with cover, I sure would like this guy to decorate my garden:


Unfortunately, he’s not life-size. This website* has loads of statuary to make your garden into your very own cryptozoo. From mermaids, dragons, mastodons, unicorns and gargoyles to more out-of-place critters like alligators and big cats. You can really have fun with this stuff! If you’re into it, add an alien. How about Nosferatu in the foyer? Awesome. They have lots of really original stuff.


tuscano_dinoMy personal favorite is the sea serpent which they don’t sell here. A local garden center has the concrete version in bronze, natural or vert de gris finish. It’s very eye-catching swimming through the mulch. Maybe I can convince my husband to get it for me. It would be the hit of the neighborhood.

No boring garden gnomes for this girl.

*Note: I have not ordered from this site so I can’t endorse it or vouch for the quality of products.

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  1. Toscano is reliable. I buy a few items from them each year. Kiarna got the small Celtic Harp and I got the print of the “Oracle at Delpi” myself along with the Lion Headed chair.

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