A Doubtful End


I still get consistent hits on this blog. Even after I took off the picts of Gerard Way!

I have linked to the Whispers from the Earth series of posts since the Sichuan quake has stirred interest in earthquake precursors. This has also been published in The Anomalist No. 13: Intermediate States. I would like to keep this blog going as a commentary on Fortean phenomena but life events take their toll as usual.

I have decided to go to grad school to study the interaction between science and the public. Some of you who know who I am also know that I have a family, a house, a garden, a dog, a full-time job, and I like to talk to my neighbors, read, watch TV, play the Wii and do everyday normal things. I also ran three blogs including this one. I have to cut something somewhere. My PC hard drive is perpetually giving me hassles so the decision has been made for me. No time for blog updates right now.

Someday, I hope to share my views in another blog, maybe a new book. As always, feel free to comment. I’ll still be listening and would love to chat (that is, unless you are trying to convince me that the full moon physically influences behavior. If that’s the case, I’ll probably just humor you.)

All the best.

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