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Busy busy busy…

My task list on Google got so long I had to break it up into 4 different lists. All of us after-hours skeptics are constantly coming up with new project ideas and getting jazzed about new topics and avenues to explore. Some days I have so many ideas, I think my head is going to explode.

Here are some projects I’ve completed and some coming up…

Check out my latest interview of awesomely smart women on the She Thought website. This one was a blast, featured two more Pennsylvania ladies who were instrumental in the Kitzmiller v Dover trial over intelligent design in the classroom, Cynthia Sneath and Lauri Lebo. We chatted over wine and munchies one evening and this interview was the result. (Can I do this full time? Someone pay me…) I’ve done two other interviews for She Thought – one with Indre Viskontas of Miracle Detectives and another with Ms. Information of the Geologic Podcast. Check those out too! You can’t help but be inspired.

I got inspired to address the local issue of allowing the sale of raw milk. I wrote this up for the Keystone Society for Rational Inquiry page. Some issues are not clear. In some cases, it’s not unreasonable to legislate against stupidity. While educated, rational adults can decide what risk they are willing to take and ingest items that have a higher than normal risk of making one sick, not everyone will think through this decision. Raw milk fed to children could result in deaths from salmonella and E. coli poisoning. It is concerning. See my breakdown of the several issues commentators on this subject focus upon.

I finished Ryan Buell’s autobiography called Paranormal State: My Journey Into the Unknown. Then, I started to view Season 1 of the TV show. I am forming my impressions about the Paranormal Research Society, what they do and how they do it. I’m conflicted and still trying to figure out their gig, actually. Some acquaintances have said I’m pretty generous toward the ghost hunter-type folks. I’m trying to give them the benefit of the doubt (hehe) but sometimes, my patience runs out. Stay tuned: I’ll be writing a review of that for another paranormal site!

Let’s see, other stuff… It is decidedly NOT a waste of time to strengthen friendships through discussion and to make new friends. It’s worthwhile to visit the JREF forum, join Brian Dunning’s Skeptalk list, and talk about stuff via this blog, Twitter, Facebook and Skype.

I’ve submitted work based on my thesis to a few places for publication/exposure. I’m hoping those pan out. There is so much more I can spin off my research. One mini-project I finished is the Paranormal-based TV show list. I hope this is a useful resource. I’ve gotten some additions from helpful commentators! There are more added to the TV schedule all the time so that will be a work in progress. I can find some interesting trends going on with that list. It’s something I’ll also examine coming up.

I’m gearing up for a presentation at Balticon on May 29th on “Being Scientifical: Amateur Research and Investigation Groups” where I discuss how paranormal groups co-opt science-like processes to their investigations. Are they doing science? Is this the right way to approach such a study subject? I’ll also be participating in a panel discussion about real “mad” scientists, those who pursue scientific research that deviates from the norm. Are they really “mad” or just “mavericks”?” I started a list of those who might fit in this category and it’s gotten to be quite long. Got a lot of reading to do…

I want to give plugs to some of my new favorite things…

First, the revamped, awesomely weird website Who Forted? I think Charles Fort was a goofy writer with a grudge against reason but I love “Fortean” stuff. The stories here are kooky and often completely irreverent. Go visit. Eat junk food. Do a road trip. Drink vodka. Have fun.

Next, is the great Meet the Skeptics podcast. I met Chris Brown at NECSS this past April and am working my way through EVERY interview he’s done for this unique show. I’m learning facts I’ve absolutely not known about my some of my favorite people. Chris does a great job of making them feel comfortable enough to let loose a bit. Check it out, you’ll enjoy it.

Finally, I’m still learning not to have knee-jerk reactions to stuff and write before I think. Yep, still learning. Anyone have a patience pill? How about a time machine? I can always use extra hours in the day…

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  1. Just a note to say thanks for a well thought out blog that makes me think. I don’t know where you find the time to do all this. As I read your Brain Dump post I found myself wondering why Ryan Buell didn’t just have his autobiography ghost written. It would be a huge time saver and should be easy for him to set up.

    1. Thank YOU! It’s not as well-thought out as I would like. In fact, the hardest thing to do is to find time and quiet to think about stuff really thoroughly. Instead, like I mentioned at the end, I tend to NOT think and just react. There is so much going on with everyone these days, I feel we miss out on the results of quiet contemplation. Noise canceling headphones with white noise sounds help. A lot.

      I’ve heard mention that the co-writer did do the bulk of the work on the Buel book. Like any celebrity bio, I expect.

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