Check out the Cherub of Canadian Justice on Virtual Skeptics #15

Last night we had a good show on Virtual Skeptics.

Tim gave a LOT of information on the Dennis Markuze/David Mabus arrest including how it all went down, how long we had to wait for news AND the origin of that ONE picture we all know of the dude. He answers some questions that came in live on the feed. Good stuff.

Bob delivered the bad news about the Burzynski’s court decision. He was pretty angry about it. That was a downer but, rest assured, we will not stop being critical of antineoplastons and the cancer clinic that is making the Dr. a very rich man without any proof that the stuff actually works.

Eve explained politicking and creationism. Ah, pandering… I get teh stupid now.

I tried to show that skeptical activism really is alive and well and worth your effort.

It was a good show. We have fun and it’s stuff you just WON’T get anyplace else.

Everyone should check it out.

Virtual skeptics is live on Google hangouts, fed to You Tube, every Wednesday night at 8PM EST. You can tune in live and ask questions.

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