Dear doctor: “Tribal gathering” to achieve an “extraordinary lifestyle”

I got this great email yesterday…

Transforming Chiropractic and Revolutionizing Your Practice!

Dear Doctor,

We invite you to come to our next Tribal Gathering on February 7-9 in Orlando, Florida with your staff to hear our special guest speaker who created a new and unique team-building methodology that will absolutely revolutionize your practice! He has never before been seen or heard on any Chiropractic stage in the world. This is an event not to be missed as it is the launching pad of a new team concept for Chiropractic practice management that is sure to transform our profession. We’ll show you how to create your Best Practice Ever and how to use this new concept to take you and your practice to a completely new level.

They tell me they have discovered this new methodology for my team. “Tribal” – that’s like a buzz word now. Sounds new agey. Team building stuff is generally quite silly. The better form of office management is having good workers who like each other in a nice environment. The “Tribal Gathering” is February at the rather fancy Caribe Royale in Orlando, Florida. Ooooh, there is a nice environment!

I have nothing against practice building, really, but I wondered if doctors do this. And do they emphasize “extraordinary lifestyle” so much? That seems odd. Maybe it’s just me. I’m not a doctor…

The Markson Connection leaders, Dr. Brett Axelrod and Dr. Rick Markson are still in practice, so they know the procedures and policies of Chiropractic today and they pass on this knowledge and personally coach Chiropractors to help achieve exactly what you desire: an undeniably strong and booming practice, a fulfilled life, and the rewards of an extraordinary lifestyle.

Why attend our Tribal Gathering? We are confident that this experience will return you home to your family a different person, aware, vitalized and transformed, finally prepared to engage limitless success.

I bet doctors desire to be good at what they do and are fulfilled because they help their patients LIVE and stay healthy. Chiropractors may believe they do this but they don’t. Chiropractic can not treat disease and the same results can be acheived with physical therapy by medically trained staff.

I suppose I got on this “list” because I subscribe to other alternative medicine lists, just to see what they are up to. And it appears they are up to squeezing the most money out of their patients as possible.

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