Did Something Go Wrong Today?

As you might expect, I give no credence to today’s superstitious date. It was a day like any other day.

In my travels, I heard someone exclaim “Is it Friday, the 13th? You know I didn’t even know that!”, and proceeded to blame his rare mechanical trouble for the day on the date. It was a convenient excuse – to lay blame on the unknown force instead of conceding that some other employee has goofed or that parts had worn out to cause the trouble.

He had just finished telling us about a situation at his job that occurred on January 13 that continued to cause them headaches to this day. However, he did not make the connection that 1-13 was a Saturday. If it had been a Friday, well, you know.

Superstitions are false ways of seeing the world. We have better ways now and should understand that lucky items don’t help us win and certain numbers hold no special powers. They are childish and a waste of time. Indulging in superstition is to ignore reason and perhaps miss something actually important in the context of the event.

If it piques your interest, read more about superstitions – there are some royally ridiculous ones out there. One can’t help but wonder why people thought ringing church bells would protect everyone during a thunderstorm or why people thought that a child would derive protection from whooping cough by riding the back of a trained bear. (?!) We try so hard to find patterns and explanation in the world. Now we have reliable methods. It would have been a better day if someone didn’t try to foist silliness on it.

Source: Hole, Christina and E. and M.A. Radford. “The Encyclopedia of Superstitions”.

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