Doubt and About: Capital edition

I had the best time last weekend. I gave a talk for the National Capital Area Skeptics which was held at the National Science Foundation building ON CARL SAGAN DAY. It was perfect. The talk, about an hour, is linked below. Thanks to J.D. Mack of NCAS for the excellent editing and production. It is very important to me to have talks and interviews recorded so I can promote them to people who couldn’t be there. While there was a nice turnout, putting these talks online greatly increases the distribution and lets my folks see it too.

I also got to meet Nate Miller, Kenny Biddle and Antonio Paris whom I’ve only ever talked to online. That’s always a treat.

My hosts, Chip and Grace Denman… well, what can I say. They are beyond awesome and the dinner and after-dinner event they arranged that evening I will remember my whole life, I’m sure.

Check out the presentation The World of Weird News: Bigfoot, UFOs and Other Questionable Claims about the whys and hows of Doubtful News and an insiders look at some of our popular stories.

Back at home, I’m reviewing new books, working on my own manuscript about amateur paranormal investigation groups, and today I spoke on the Paul Harris America Weekend radio show about serial informercial fraudster Kevin Trudeau. (Clip is here.)

I’ve been a professional for over 20 years now and have been active in skepticism for almost that long. If I’ve learned ONE VERY IMPORTANT LESSON, it’s this: Your network is critical – who you know, how you communicate, and supporting and helping others whenever you can. Burning bridges, while sometimes necessary to cut yourself free from corrosive people, is one of the worst things you can do and should not be done lightly. I bring this networking point up because my friends and acquaintances have allowed me to experience opportunities and great moments such that I would never otherwise would have had. And I am so grateful.

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  1. I’m sorry that I couldn’t make it to this one because I was out of town, but I’m glad it was recorded. This is a good introduction to Skepticism that I could potentially show my friends or family who still don’t really understand what I mean when I call myself a Skeptic. They confuse it with cynic all the time. Thanks for this.

  2. Great talk, I’ll blog it later! And so very true about corrosive people; I’ve donated and fundraised more without the distractions that hinder such activities; continued to travel and experience the world; completed studies in a number of different areas to help build new skills; written resources for my state on critical thinking (big exam for students this week, eek!); got healthier and fitter with less stress and new dance classes and outreach activities in my home town; networked with a far broader (and more influential and diverse, as the naval-gazing can be so detrimental, especially the destructive he-says-she-says nonsense) population over the past few years, and don’t regret a second after seeing how much I’ve achieved – happiness is really the goal and well worth walking away from things that prevent it, I find. 🙂 I’m as busy as always, but I can empirically tally my achivements and goals reached – and (more importantly) also how I’ve helped others and avoided the negative and be damned proud of it. And a new niece on the way for 2014! Never forget the healthy balance of work and family!

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