Doubt and About: Damn! This is a long winter

I haven’t been “about” very much these past two months. I have to take Vitamin D supplements because I don’t think I’m getting enough sunshine exposure! We continue to have worse weather in PA than in southern Norway these days.

Been writing pieces, talks, doing interviews, and, of course, the weird news continues unabated. I wish I could blog here every day but there are simply not enough hours in the day. So, the thoughts remain in my head, simmering.

Currently, I’m reading The Elusive Quarry: A Scientific Appraisal of Psychical Research by uber-Skeptic, Ray Hyman. I am astounded at how much I am learning about the current state of paranormal research from Ray’s insights into the the BEST years of parapsychology. Honestly, comparitively, today’s “paranormal research” is a mess. But that DOES NOT mean it has to continue to be a mess. I’m working on a book. While I have no high hopes it will be read by those who REALLY NEED IT, it will be out there for anyone.

The Elusive Quarry is a bit hard to find at a reasonable price but a signed copy was graciously lent to me to read. Sadly, I will have to return it. Meanwhile, I’m take copious notes. Yes, it looks like I’m studying for a test but I want to squeeze the bits of wisdom out and preserve them for future use. I do this will all of my books and dump the notes into Evernote.

I despair when I see self-described skeptics or paranormal researchers seem unconcerned with history, who are completely oblivious to knowledge that has been gained before. You ignore the skeptical literature at your peril. It is head and shoulders above the level of today’s popular “ghost” and cryptid books which are mostly trash.

Anyway… it’s been a busy month of February —  with contacts about Rick Dyer’s Bigfoot body sideshow and baseless libel threats about my article on the Paracas skulls. Seriously, people, just request a clarification, I’ll be happy to do it. If you threaten me with a lawsuit in the first contact email, that first impression is shot to hell. I’ll cooperate but I won’t think very highly of you.

I am overwhelmed with doubtful news, for sure. It gets discouraging when you repeatedly try to get better info out there to no avail. But I am committed to Doubtful News. I’ve heard from so many lovely people who say it’s their favorite site and that I should keep on keeping on. So, I know it’s making a difference.

In March, I’ll make my first “keynote” address. It will be at a Mensa gathering in New Jersey. It should be interesting. Then, I will take a weekend break so I can enjoy my books. I still love books — they don’t swear back at you.

I also put up a public Facebook page, please visit and “like”. I feel insignificant so far. I’m uncomfortable with self-promotion, but with the number of reporters wanting a skeptical POV, I thought this was a wise idea. Besides, I’m not feeling all that comfortable with the number of extreme atheists, Bigfooters and random men making friend requests on Facebook. I’m going to have to cull that “friend” list.

That’s all for now.

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  1. Sharon, thirty-one-years-ago I graduated from the tenth grade after being held back twice, only to withdraw from school in the following year. Shortly after that, an older woman I met shared the Christian religion with me. I was inexperienced and ill-equipped to answer her apologetic assertions, which left me vulnerable to those more developed arguments. It was the beginning of my Christian experience, and it was the beginning of my education.

    Over the years, I studied myself out of belief, while living in the crucible of a community of believers; a task made more cumbersome by the tendency of the human psyche, my psyche, to easily embrace faith over reason. There were too few accessible resources available for me to reinforce the doubts that always lingered, as I tried to reconcile myself to the beliefs of other people. Thirty-years, spent reasoning with the illogical and biased beliefs of a community…I spent thirty-years of my life learning to extricating myself from religion. I renounced my faith just last year.

    There are too many people who lack the resources to find their way through the labyrinth of twisted facts and speciously reasoned conclusions of myths and pseudo-science. Skeptics are are the resource I lacked years ago. It might have made a difference well before so much time had been wasted…a lifetime. Don’t stop. Give them hell.

    Addendum: Yes, vitamin D and exercise. It seems this winter is interminable. If it weren’t for books and white noise I’d have lost my senses already. Fortitude! Spring is around the corner!

  2. it has been a horrific winter. vitamin D is your friend (and also one that does some good, that one is OK to take!) Good luck with the MENSA address and also DN is a site that is fun and educational. And let’s hope this horrible winter ends SOON. (science tells us it will, but I’m having doubts!)

  3. I for one really appreciate and enjoy your work so I hope you don’t get despondent and stop writing, we need you! Also I’m a big fan of vitamin D3 supplements in winter, especially as Steve Novella (Neurologicablog) gave it a provisional thumbs up on his excellent blog. It certainly seems to help me through the dark days and nights….

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