Doubt and About: Holiday edition with cryptids

I’m not a fan of holidays. This Xmas thing comes at the time of the year where I’m trying to write up year-end stuff, there are extra activities, this shopping thing and this weather thing is going on and I’m stressed, which brings on gastritis. The Sun? There is still a Sun in the sky? I hardly see it.

The good thing is, the weird news is typically quiet (until the birds are killed en masse by New Year’s Eve fireworks or a cold snap or something nature throws at them).

We are currently running a vote for readers to pick their favorite Doubtful News stories of 2013. Add your vote if you haven’t already. It’s greatly appreciated. It helps us see the interest of the audience as well. We are also compiling our own Top 5’s. Mine will be quirky I think. I’ve prepared a piece about the news year to go into Skeptical Inquirer. I also talk about the top stories of the here in a recent Skeptic Zone podcast The Skeptic Zone #269 – 15.December.2013  A review of Doubtful News over the past 12 months

And I chat about the site on Skeptically Challenged for 11/3/2013 (Also out of Australia – hey I wanna come over to Australia!)

And I venture over to America’s Most Haunted for a special skeptical night from 12/10/2013. 

My favorite topic is cryptozoology. I’ve noticed a generally bimodal distribution of types of people involved in the subject. There are those strictly Bigfooters who are devoted to their cause almost like a religion. These folks are not familiar with the huge amounts of material on cryptozoology as a field and not up on other cryptids except those they hear are reported close by. Then there are the more geeky types who know their cryptids up and down. In that category there are subcategories of believers and more scholarly types. The more scholarly types tend to bend towards the skeptical side. That’s where I am. But if you like the idea of monsters, monster lore and mysterious creatures, why not expand your scope? Learn about new creatures, how they are studied, what has and hasn’t been found. There are two cryptozoology books just out in 2013 that are like nothing that’s come before. I’ve said before that you are no true scholar of the field if you do not read Abominable Science. If you brush off this book, you are a disingenuous researcher because it’s the most important book on the crypto evidence to come out in the past decade. Also, get The Cryptozoologicon and learn what people learned in anatomy, evolution and physiology think about these creatures and how they render them with imagination. Explore some NEW stuff, not the same old tired ground we’ve been over time and time again.

I’m really excited about cryptozoology these days; the emphasis on a multidisciplinary approach from the foundations of biology, zoology, history and folklore is exciting and welcoming to everyone as long as they are willing to carefully examine the evidence. I’m glad to be a part of that scholarly new approach. It’s going to generate some exciting stuff.

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