Doubt and About: I was on a low-drama diet

I decided to take August off, more or less, after TAM 2013, and decompress. I think I picked a good time. Scandal after scandal broke in the skeptical circles involving people I consider friends, colleagues and leaders. Social media was full of strong emotion, accusations and rhetoric. I started to respond. But I got very angry. I was getting drawn into that strong emotion, too. Then, I stepped away. Emotion makes people respond with unthoughtful comments they may regret.

These were not my issues. I support people based on their work, and am not so quick to punish them for foibles we all have. Shit, if we gave up on everyone just for their character flaws and mistakes, we’d have no friends or family left.

These were personal problems that I had no basis upon which to comment. This was no business of mine. So, sorry if some people thought I should have taken sides or said something. I had nothing to say in public that would have helped.

Instead, I went and read some of my backlog of books, kept making Doubtful News even better, and thinking about my goals and priorities. Things are going well. I’ve got a list of ideas and projects to pick from. Yeah, positivity is sooo boring. Keeping your thoughts to yourself doesn’t get blog hits. I’m not much for drama. It’s exhausting and unproductive.

I’ll be back on Virtual Skeptics in September and am still doing Sounds Sciencey and the Huffington Post pieces when I feel inspired. I was excited to get my Slenderman piece into Fortean Times. I’m never short of ideas, just time. Time to make a clone army of Sharons to do more. Maybe write a book…

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  1. Yup — this obsession with every personal rumor that pops up seems to be driven by people with the same mentality as those who spearheaded prohibition and other puritanical measures in America in the past.

  2. Glad you took some time to decompressed. I’ve been staying away from the internet myself. (Not that I have ever been a huge internet user anyway. I don’t have a twitter account and my husband, Matt, is my only Facebook “friend”.) Speaking of friends, Sharon, Matt and I wanted to get you at least one of the books on your birthday list, but you were looking for donations of used copies. We don’t have any of the books on your wish list, but we would be happy to buy you a new book. If there are still books on your wish list, send us an e-mail and we will be happy to add to your library.

    (BTW, I was going to suggest that you add “Miss Manners Rescues Civilization” by Judith Martin to your resource list at Doubtful News. Much of this drama is a lack of good manners, IMO. Didn’t people learn that it’s never a good idea to air your dirty underwear in public. No one wants to see that shit. 😉

  3. The internet just isn’t a good place to have certain kinds of emotionally charged, complex discussions – I’m pretty proud at how good I’ve gotten at avoiding them (it’s saved me a fair amount of time, thinking how someone is wrong on teh internets when I should be falling asleep).

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