Doubt and About: January – and so it begins. Monster talking.

Gosh it’s cold. I can’t recall a colder winter. Winter is for reading and writing. And so I have been.

Things are super busy over at Doubtful News. We can hardly keep up with the stories. Honestly, it’s wearing me down so I may have to ease up a bit. I’m behind on my Sounds Sciencey piece for January because I’ve been doing news stories, some podcast interviews and working on a manuscript. Also, been reading up on ghost hunting history. I’ll have lots more on that in the future. LOTS more.

I’ve redesigned the website. It’s uncomfortably self-promotional. But that’s the way things go; everything is a brand, even people.

I’ve quit blogging for Huffington Post. They took my last post and removed 75% of the links (or more) because it didn’t fit their style. Those links were there for reference. The piece made little impact without the references as examples. So, I reproduced it here with all accoutrements, including embedded pictures and video. Much better. I’m sort of known for being independent and I consider the Huff Po thing to be a worthwhile try but not a good fit for me.

I did two reviews of the news year. One on The Skeptic Zone and one on Skepticality.

Also, I did a piece on the Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty show for Paranormal Pop Culture – a new audience!

And, just up, is a chat between Blake Smith and I on Monster Talk regarding the array of Bigfoot bodies supposedly lying around. (There’s a pun in there for ya!) “You Won’t Believe What These Skeptics Have to Say About Bigfoot”.

Hold it Bob, we can see your wristwatch.
Hold it Bob, we can see your wristwatch.

Weather permitting, I’ll be back at a familiar place this Saturday, the PA Nonbelievers meeting in York, talking about skepticism.

I have my first Keynote speaking spot in March at the Central NJ Mensa Snowball meeting. That will be on “Sounds Sciencey”

I don’t know yet what I’m going to be doing but I will be at RavenCon, April 2014, in Richmond, VA (or close to it) (Also with Bob Blaskiewicz.)

And I’m tapped to do a talk on the World of Weird News at Balticon on Memorial Day weekend in May 2014, Hunt Valley MD.


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