Doubt and About July recap: Whew! I think I need a break.

I totally do not have time to be blogging right now. I’m so far behind on stuff after spending two weeks mostly in off-mode doing vacation-y things like visiting the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.


Visiting friends


Finding my new favorite bar

In Culver City, CA
In Culver City, CA

Checking out fossils and tar pits

LaBrea Tar pits
jaguar labrea
Jaguar fossil at Page Museum, LaBrea tar pits

Hanging out in the desert

Joshua Tree, CA
Joshua Tree, CA

And doing a bunch of stuff at The Amazing Meeting (TAM).

Me and Wendy Hughes
Abominable Science panel

I had a fantastic July, no doubt about that. TAM was wonderful. As many have noted, including me, it was a PLEASURE to not worry about some manufactured drama or controversy. The beauty of TAM is that you meet wonderful people (and I did), exchange lots of good ideas (and I did), learn tons of new stuff and be fascinated (I was) and be inspired (I am). It was disappointing to hear how many people DID NOT know of my main project, Doubtful News. But now they do!  I hope that my talk and my participation on two panels – one as moderator of a stellar group of skeptical leaders and another as a very ecstatic participant talking about cryptozoology – will convince people that I kind of know what I’m doing around this place.

My highlights were meeting Susan Blackmore, Susan Haack, Michael Mann and Sanal Edamaruku – all people who I have read about and followed and learned from. They are superb examples of researchers, teachers and human beings.

I also treasured the moment in the Mohave desert where the hills looked like the Devil’s backbone, we may run out of gas before the next station 70 miles ahead, it’s 109 degrees and I’m going to stop right here to take a picture…

It’s complete silence. No cars. No noise. Two vultures silently fly away and then… the coyotes howl from their den about 300 yards away, their pups ‘yip’, and it is a magical moment.


Fast forward to arrival at the convention where there are always lots of hugs and endless good times. You wish you could clone yourself and not have to sleep.

But it’s time to reassess. I promised myself I would see what TAM delivered and consider my next options to focus on. If you heard my talk, you may have sensed a bit of frustration and the image of me at some crossroads. I decided to march ahead.

I love seeking out news stories and making sense of the nonsense at Doubtful News. PLEASE help me by subscribing, spreading the word or even just sending me stories you come across. I’m very pleased with the growth of the site. I’m constantly trying to make it faster and better and it’s working. Slowly. It’s not just a site for skeptics. It’s a site for everyone who has ever wondered about frogs raining from the sky or if Bigfoot is real or if this medical treatment that sounds too good to be true really works. It’s a site for people to learn to think about a subject so that they won’t be fooled. That’s a skill everyone should have. “Skeptic” or not.

So, watch for some changes in the future. Feel free to drop me a line at about speaking events, questions, comments and criticism.

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  1. I was never really worried we’d run out of gas. I do think it was perhaps a bit stupid to stop to take pictures when it was over 100 degrees outside and bees all over the place because “hey that rock looks like a skull! Awesome!” But that trip was very nice. Totally worth it! Too bad the vultures wouldn’t let me near them enough so I could get a good picture though.

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