Doubt and About summer 2013

I’m letting the blog go quiet for a while. My big projects are for other sources.

Finishing up my talk for TAM in Las Vegas (The Honest Broker of Doubtful News) where I am also moderating a panel on the Scope of Skepticism and participating on a panel about cryptozoology. Should be GREAT!  I will be doing a bit of traveling prior to that.

I’m trying to keep Doubtful News supplied with content and when I get the urge, I write for Huffington Post. This last post from yesterday seems to be popular. I dashed it off in a half hour at the library waiting for the dog to be done at the groomer. But it was simmering for a week or so.

Still doing Virtual Skeptics and Sounds Sciencey too.

I have a few hangouts and podcasts coming up but otherwise, August looks free. I’m preparing to make some changes and start some new endeavors. Time for a change. Change is good. Always have new things in progress and new ideas to jump on.

Hope to see you at TAM!

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