Flying Spaghetti Gift Monster

This would be my Holiday Greetings card if I decided to send one out. It would totally confound everyone I know. But, that would be funny.
FSM card
Happy Holidays to all, no exceptions.

I’d like to remind everyone that a mid-winter holiday was celebrated long before Jesus. It’s sad that some feel they have a right to hijack a perfectly good time to gather family together, eat and reconnect (or at least attempt to do so) by being prejudiced and self-righteous about those that don’t share their exact belief system. It reminds me of the stories about war time officers frowning upon enemy combatants holding a truce over Christmas Eve. They thought that was bad strategy because the soldiers might actually realize the so-called enemy was also real person, just like him, more alike than different.

I admit that I can not comprehend why a person would want to have one solid, unshakable belief about the world and their place in it if it meant demonizing everyone else. It’s no different than being racist. If I could design a holiday display for the center of town, it would have a menorah, a manger, a Yule log, a bottle of Coca-Cola, and a symbol representing every other cultural, natural or pagan symbol of the season. Something for everyone and anyone.

Christmas as a general holiday has survived and flourished because it has changed with the times. It has become a secular holiday because we all don’t like being burdened with religious connotations in order to have a happy time. It’s such a good time that various folk (of various religious backgrounds) celebrate it in some way. If you want to be Puritanical about it, go ahead and have your holy day. Puritans didn’t celebrate it at all.

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