Frilled shark

Call me a nature geek, but isn’t it so fascinating when we discover something new in the world?! This gal isn’t new but it’s never been seen like this. Here is the YouTube link to the frilled shark captured in Japan. (Chlamydoselachus anguineus)

Frilled Shark I’ve never heard of this creature because I’m not a Japanese fisherman. Recently, I was looking up info on the goblin shark to find that it doesn’t look so menacingly crazy until its jaws protrude wildly from it’s mouth. Weird. What other weird things haven’t we seen?

How many sea monster stories are accurate descriptions of real, really bizarre, deep sea critters dying on the surface? So many mysteries left in the sea. Because of the internet, I get to learn about all these awesome discoveries and even see them in motion. Neat. Do I sound all gushing and awestruck? I am because it just goes to show how exciting science and nature is in a world that still holds gems for us to find.

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  1. Excellent observation. Considering the fact that the fishermen who captured this poor creature had no plan to do so, does indeed add to the sense that there is still much left to be discovered and asks whether it might not be most profitable to our knowledge of the earth’s creatures to pay closer attention to the stuff we haul into the fishing markets. Farley Mowat in his book “Sea of Slaughter” does exactly that for 16th and 17th century and reveals an ocean ecosystem far more abundant, populated with species we no longer see of astounding variety. He also makes note of the fact that common practice during WWII was to use radar to identify targets and eliminate them prior to checking out whether they could be rare marine mammals, sea serpents or giant squid.

  2. Totally agree with your point of how facinating this is. I have been interested in sharks only casually my life, but more recently becuase of swimming with one in St Thomas. When the Frilled shark video came out I was amazed and have been reading little tid bits here and there like your since. But now with the capture of a live goblin shark, I can’t help but wonder. What is going on in the deeps around Tokyo that is bringing these prehistoric creatures to the top???

  3. beautiful picture. great body shot. why dose it have 4 gills. dosen’t a normal shark have 5 gills? my theroy is that the tempature of the water was changing brought the dshark up then once it got into shallow waters it became sick and died.

  4. I have to admit I have a crazy fascination with sharks, all shapes, sizes and types. Its so crazy to believe that there are these types of creatures that we know so little of. Every new find that I come across on the internet makes me so intriged. I love seeing pictures like this because it makes me want to study them that much more. Great find!

  5. i believe that the shark is real, but we have never found one in the wild before so we doubt that it is real. the eveidence is out that there are some weird things in the water, along with you… but that the possibilitys to our oceans discoverys are endless.

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