Govern Yourself Accordingly: Virtual Skeptics #23

This was a good one except for the fact that Brian was a blur. But to you, he was in darkness. Very “bigfoot”. It pays to tune in to see what sort of tech problems we have. The camera glitch was caused by us doing some jack in the box shenanigans prior to the “on air” time. We are silly.

I realized how much I adore and respect these people. We don’t fight. So, we might be boring, no drama. But, really, that’s a GOOD thing. We are all adults here. Committed to serious stuff… like showing our pets on camera. 🙂

Virtual Skeptics #23

I talked about a pet peeve I had this week: How paranormal podcasts and websites don’t take much to the “skeptical” view. Sites like Binnall of America and Above Top Secret and Coast to Coast AM don’t cater to the skeptical view. I’m pretty sure they don’t even LOOK at sites that don’t maintain the mystery. That’s disappointing. They are missing the good half of the story. Do they want to know how some of these “mysteries” were resolved. They seem oblivious that they even WERE resolved. Perhaps they were not satisfied with the answer. What can we do about that? How can we raise the profile of Doubtful News OUTSIDE the skeptisphere were it is most needed? I work really hard to get the best explanations or follow up as well as I can and it’s not getting to the people who really seem interested in the topic.

I’d love some feedback. Yes, I already know I blink a lot. I can’t help it. I don’t even know I’m doing it. Think of it as eyeball “ums” because I’m thinking of what to say next.

Check out the video for this week’s VS to watch. My bit starts about 31:00.

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