Homeopathy, paracelebs, food chemistry, and throw in some pro wrestling

You just CAN’T get this stuff on Skeptics Guide to the Universe, people.

As usual, our Virtual Skeptics episode on Wednesday night was interesting. Brian had more scary robots, not only do they model their locomotion after insects as we saw previously, now, they move like snakes. This is why we have the Robot Apocalypse segment because it’s crazy and creepy. Check it out.

Bob talks about the removal of Edzard Ernst from the editorial board of the journal Homeopathy. Who reads that anyways?

Eve discusses the new proposed TV show about reincarnated children. It’s more than a little exploitative and disturbing.

I describe my trip to the Phenomenology conference last weekend and why EVERYONE should visit one of these events at least once. Black tee shirts notwithstanding, I had an interesting time. 

Tim is cavorting with other skeptics in the Galapagos this week so we went all the way to Norway for a replacement. Torkel tells us that homeopaths are trying to make inroads into the socialized medicine in Norway. The demand for that stuff is worldwide but that does not make it work any better. Homeopathy is complete nonsense top to bottom. We also learn that not everyone in Norway eats lutefisk. And you can break Google Hangout by asking if there are any cookies in Norway. *bork* But, we reconvene for book time about Twinkies and pro wrestling.

But the burning question remains…

The Icelanders eat rotten fish because the fresh version is toxic. Who where the first people (obviously took more than one) to discover THIS was a good idea? Eh?

Check out this weeks Virtual Skeptics, don’t you just LOVE the screen cap? *wink*

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