I depart Virtual Skeptics

The show will go on in capable hands.

I have been jettisoning projects here and there – podcast contributions, my Huff Post blog, as well as being less active on my own blog – in lieu of attention to writing projects and Doubtful News.

Not gonna hide it, I need some down time so I don’t get burned out, not just with skeptical stuff (aired live and saved for posterity), but day-to-day, career/family/self stuff. I feel that feeling coming on far more often lately. Typically a good sleep whisks it away. It must be managed, so, I plan on taking a few extra hours a week to do that.

It is with regret that I bow out of Virtual Skeptics hangout/webcast. I feel certain Bob, Brian, Eve and Tim will carry on as before and will find someone wonderful to replace my face-space.

Meanwhile, I’ll be around, still writing, doing conferences and researching, just slightly less than usual, specifically not on Wednesdays, live at 8 eastern. Rock on.


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0 thoughts on “I depart Virtual Skeptics

  1. Going to miss your insightful input on VS. At least we still have you on Doubtful News. Enjoy some well earned break time.

  2. Aww, Ms. SHill! I’m gonna miss you on Wednesday nights! And it’s through the Virtual Skeptics show that I found Doubtful News, that wonderful site full of horrible news stories!

    Perhaps the story I just heard on the radio has something to do with this, some huckster got a ten year prison sentence, and I can just hear you saying “My work here is done.” Happy trails! 🙂

  3. Sorry to see you leave VS. Your segment was the one I most enjoyed, but I noted you looked tired on the last few I watched.

    Good luck.

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