I’ll be posting here more often now…

I’ve closed up the Doubtful News shop. I received several comments from people who were sad to see it go. I still strongly hold there is a HUGE need for the skeptical POV for these mainstream stories. It’s expected and it’s looked for by many. Sadly, there aren’t that many options these days. See this post on my suggestions for larger-scale investment by skeptical organizations; it can’t just be one or two people going nuts trying to address viral misrepresented news in between work that pays and sleep.

I say Doubtful News was a great success. I learned so much, I made so many mistakes. I was never officially sued, though I got a few threats. No biggie. If you don’t get threats, you’re not making an impact. I think the DN site with almost 8000 posts is ripe to mine for some research project. I hope to do a book eventually.

Meanwhile, I was grateful to hear from people like Larry Arnold, who promotes a view of spontaneous human combustion that I disagree with, say that he’s sad to see the site go. Several times, I’ve heard from Finding Bigfoot’s Cliff Barackman on how diligent skeptics (like me) are needed for cryptozoology. Even though I’m critical of parapsychology and psychical research, the SPR Twitter account run by Tom Ruffles is cordial and retweets several of my posts. I consider them all an authority and am very open to listening to their views.

I still consider many believers in Bigfoot and paranormal claims to be worthy of my time for debate, discussion, exchange, cooperation and friendship. Just because I don’t agree with your position does not mean I think you are an idiot or deserve to be ridiculed. That’s not what I’m about.

Thanks for the support for Doubtful News for these 4+ years. The site still gets thousands of hits a day and I think I may have succeeded in changing some minds and forging some relationships. That’s cool. Off to another project…or two.

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  1. It is sad to see it going, but it’s entirely understandable. We need far more people like you who are willing to take the time and resources necessary to debunk the nonsense going on out there.

  2. I’m new. A lurker of sorts. And clearly a month behind. But, I just had to pop in and say “Thanks”. Truly. DN was (and will remain) a fantastic site. You should be damned proud of it and the work you’ve accomplished. Keep up the good fight. You’re doing a helluca job.

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