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I just get an idea in my head and write about it once in a while. Thanks for tuning in. This blog is one of WordPress’ Growing Blogs. I’ve had over 5100 views since I began at the end of last year. Most of the comments have been positive. Thanks to all the readers for that.

I can’t write every day like some people. And, I’m not just going to list cool links because you can get those off The Anomalist. But, here’s a nice article that highlights what I think is the major hurdle to big scientific discoveries. Academia has forced researchers into such tight niches that they can’t communicate to other scientists outside their own field. Interdisciplinary science is the way to go to investigate problems like climate change (earth systems science), earthquake prediction (see the Whispers… series of posts) and many anomalies we know and love. Tenure and funding are always on the minds of those in academia. With all the paperwork and bureacracy, they have little time to be innovative and little incentive to work with those in other fields. I think the problem has been recognized and interdisciplinary studies will continue to expand. Here’s to hoping, and more discoveries.

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