Introducing A new resource for the promotion of critical thinking 

I’m pleased to announce the launch of, an outreach and education outlet for those new to the principles and value of everyday skepticism.

The audience for is the GENERAL PUBLIC — the material is easy to understand and is designed to be shared with family, friends, colleagues, and students.

The goal of the site is to expose an inclusive array of readers to the basic concepts of skepticism in a relatable, non-confrontational way through examination of extraordinary claims, but also via everyday decisions about consumer products, medical treatments, and social media-derived information. is a first step to make critical thinking a life habit.

Content includes examples of applied skepticism and where skepticism would certainly have been beneficial. Regular themes will draw attention to topics that deserve critical thinking but that may not be obvious, such as human perception errors, eyewitness testimony, and health and media claims. The site will feature skeptically-themed writing and highlight media recommendations.

Current examples already up include the following:

Please stop by and take a look at the site.

Consider contributing content that may fit (new or existing).

Help promote the site to educators, reporters, and any social group interested in honest inquiry and rational decision-making.

Sharon Hill,

About idoubtit

Fluent in science, animals, paranormal culture. Expert in weird news.

0 thoughts on “Introducing A new resource for the promotion of critical thinking 

  1. I tip my hat to IDOUBTIT.
    Since I began following sceptical blogs, I have noticed what I have seen as much needed attempts to further the cause of rational thinking, reasonable consideration of the facts and a lot less gullibility.
    I feel I must mention, Gordon Bonnet, host of ‘Skeptophilia’ is a teacher who has spoken of his efforts to educate students of the value of critical thinking (and I recommend his blog).
    Before exposing myself to sceptical literature including blogs, the term ‘critical thinking’ on its own may have seemed strange to me because I was still confusing positivity in my life with a willingness to believe and to not question why I believe the things I do.
    Now the term means something to me, something valuable and precious..
    This new site, PracticalSkepticism, is worthy of mention, of recommendation and promotion.
    Thank you so much for your efforts, Idoubtit!
    Your efforts are of a kind, rational heart that wants better things for the world than what is constantly repeated.

    All the best,

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