New Species. New ideas. Moving on.

This site is going on hiatus. I’ve run out of topics, but not bigger ideas. I’m going to pursue those independently but it will take a while. Plus, I’m not motivated enough (it’s summer) to write new articles – which is what generates traffic to the site.

I’m going to leave thinking happy thoughts.

First, there are always lots of announcement regarding new species. Whether they are actual new species or those reclassified as new based on DNA analysis, it’s still exciting. However, I am fervently against cryptozoologists using these new species discoveries as strong support for CZ. It’s apples and oranges. There is a complete difference between discovering new species no one has likely ever seen, recognized or even imagined and those that have attained legendary status without solid evidence of actual existence. I would argue there are no good examples of cryptozoological successes in the modern era. They can cite gorillas, komodo dragons, okapis, etc. but today, finding a new type of bovine or several new sea slugs is not cryptozoology. It’s zoology at its most straightforward. Kudos to the scientists. It’s awesome. I will await the discovery of Mokele-mbembe, the Ahool, the Thunderbird, etc. I may be skeptical that it will happen but I hope to be proved wrong.

Second, while way too many people are sadly ignorant and misinformed regarding biology (and science, in general), the general public appears to be more concerned about climate change induced by man. Republicans are way out of step with the public and totally in denial about things like fossil fuel use, and the need for conservation and alternative fuels. No matter what your motivation – whether it be from the scientific data, a sense of environmental responsibility or some economical reason – there is no good reason to support business as usual. Times change and we should evolve as a civilization. I’m hopeful we’ve turned a corner.

Man is a credulous animal, and must believe something; in the absence of good grounds for belief, he will be satisfied with bad ones.
– Bertrand Russell (Link)

I’m doubtful. Signing off.

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