News wrap-up on Skepticality and Monster Talk

I’m on this week’s Skepticality.

Thanks to Derek for inviting me on to talk about the year in news.

You can see my favorite weird news stories of the year here. And how about my punning skilz this year!

Also, don’t forget the year in monsters! It was a big one. Here is the monster wrapup from 2012. And you can catch me talking about it on Monster Talk. You all need to subscribe to Monster Talk podcast – the science show about monsters. 

I figured the end of the year would be busy. It sure was doing news wrap-ups, posts, articles and interviews. It was fun. I get a little breather now but the weird news comes up everyday. More is in the works for 2013 as Doubtful News continues to go strong (and give our server host conniption fits). Also, I’ll be participating in a new podcast with a news segment and I will see you at NECSS – the Northeast Conference on Science and Skepticism. Also, I will make an appearance on a paranormal-themed podcast. THAT should be interesting.

For interview requests or commissioned articles, please contact me at paskeptic(at)

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