Psychic fail. As usual.

In a world where we crave the answers to life’s great questions and order from chaos by any means, people love psychic predictions. Too many STILL believe psychics have some credibility. Here is a stark reminder of why that belief is complete and utter nonsense:

There were no psychic predictions that foretold the chaos and massive destruction that took place in Japan since Friday.

There were also no predictions of 9-11 attacks or of the 2004 Indonesian tsunami or of the 2010 Haiti earthquake or… well, you get the point. Yet, psychics FREQUENTLY announce in their yearly prognostications that unprecidented disasters, natural and otherwise, will occur. So, it’s not like they don’t look for them. Here are some examples [from this site]…

“Massive earthquake in Western Hemisphere.” – Alamongordo

“Earthquake activity in the Midwest and eastern part of the United States.” – Sidney Friedman

“An explosion in the sky in the middle part of the U.S.” – Sidney Friedman

“Tropical Island is evacuated due to volcanic eruption.” – Craig and Jane Hamilton-Parker

These are not specific enough AT ALL to be of any use. What good are psychic predictions if they are only interpretable after an event?

One would assume the primarily goal of psychics, ethically, ought be saving lives. Their record for this is 0 wins from countless tries. From the four above examples alone, they failed to prevent the deaths of several hundred thousand people. Of all things on earth that catastrophically impact societies and are of global significance, natural disasters are no. 1. And yet, psychics fail to warn us. Every time.

Why do they suck at it?

There is a simple and elegant reason — it just doesn’t work.

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  1. Hi, new here. It’s weird that in movies, I always want the skeptics to believe the psychic, because in movies we have suspended disbelief and that’s the only time the psychic is right, because that’s the plot.

    In real life, psychics are some of the biggest scammers around. The town where I live in AZ has a few women who claim to be “the real deal.” What they are is real oblivious to what’s going on around them—I’ve seen it firsthand. The people who use them are needy folks who want a shoulder to cry on. Not that we don’t all need a shoulder to cry on…that’s why I have a blog, not a psychic.

    We also have “ghost tours” here. I’m all for tourism but this is ridiculous.

    Take care,

  2. Do those who buy into what psychics sell ever wonder why they (psychics ) don’t win all the state lotteries? It seems like a no brainer, just go from state to state, buy a ticket and become fabulously rich. I guess I should assume that they have an out gamut sort of like bigfoot enthusiasts who appear to try not to see bigfoot. I actually had a psychic shop in my area until its’ recent closure which is another thing they apparently don’t see coming.

  3. I agree with Gary. If psychics could really predict the future, then why not just predict next week’s lottery numbers or prevent a disaster before it happens? Sylvia Browne is the worse of them all. She has failed on TV too many times to count. Some of her shows are on Youtube, what a joke.

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